Recent Projects

Speaking: MAU Las Vegas (2019)

Speaking: Open Mobile Summit (2018)

Product School Talk: Technical Product Management (March, 2017)

Collate: podcast news aggregator for conversational user interfaces (Alexa Skill, React Native app) [RIP]: Real-time video object detection for security cameras (2016)

Speaking: Product School; Technical Product Management (March, 2017)

Speaking: Android Developer Conference: Deep Linking and Search (2015)

Speaking: GDC: Deep Linking and Search (2015)

Venturebeat: Why I’m not expecting Hal 9000 to come out of a corporate innovation lab

Bartelligence: Easy bar and pub inventory


Glassdoor: Director of Product, Job Search UX. Acquired by Recruit Holdings (Techcrunch)

ShopTap: Online content for offline retail. Later The Hunt. Co-founder and Head of product. Acquired by Pinterest 2015 (Vox) Mobile search engine. Co-founder and CEO. Acquired 2014 (Techcrunch)

Tokbox: Simple video conferencing. Founding engineer. Acquired 2012 (Techcrunch)


Filtering Search Results Using Current Software Application States; US 10198518B2

Enhancing messaging application functionality; Issued Dec 4, 2018; US 10148602B2

Combining search results to generate customized software application functions; Issued May 29, 2018, US 9984132B2